P O R T R A I T S  O F  M A C H I N E S

Ongoing project about the spirit of the machines, which is inside in every each of them. They are built and used by man, so they possess also personality, during their lifetime get unique characters, they have a face. The good captain knows the spirit of his boot and the good conductor the spirit of his machine. The particular light circumstances or the environment help us to see this, even if the scenes are quite ordinary. 
H O R T A  |  Spain
E B R O  |  Spain
G R A B  |  Cologne
T R A N S F O R M E R  |  Bruxelles - Nord . Beligum
E X C A V A T O R  |  Cologne
M I N I  |  Cologne
f.c.k.u.  |  Cologne
H I T A C H I  |  Cologne