„(...) humanity does not start out from freedom but from limitation and the line not to be crossed.” 
Michael Foucault: Madness, the Absence of Work 

The human mind is selective and trickery. The way we remember doesn’t reflect precisely the same image as it was in that given moment. The occurrences what we live as an observer, in our memories become non-independent to us anymore, in the most of the cases we are also performers in some way. In the next moment we re-compose the present to streams of consciousness and status reports, without the tragedy of the moment but with thoughts and emotions, meanwhile the substantive signification disappears. 
What does it prove that we put chronologically well together the details of the past from our afterimages, whilst we have a continuous cacophonous montaged time- and space travel in our brain? 
Chris Marker in his film Sans Solei (1983) says that the pictures we take quasi by chance or the postcards we buy with passing fancy could mark the ways of the inherent imagination and remembering of our mind.
“The images I have taken substituted themselves for my memory. They are my memory.”
The shade absurdity of these photography scenes gently come close to some soft surreal experience. All of them are documentary photos, without any modification, just used some basic brightness-contrast adjustment. Sometimes not even that. Clearly and strongly captured moments of the everyday life, like pushing thumbtacks in the map. 
But there is something dumfounding there, this cacophonous montaged of objects, time and space, the action-reaction between the environment and the people. 
All this could be also just imagination, a flash of an image in our brain. A lot of time we don’t know exactly if we really have seen that picture, or was is just a dream, just a creation of our brain…
The fact that these scenes were real for a moment is actually the photo itself. 
The after-life of the images is going to be different by every each of us. We connect the photos with the environment where we are in that moment and also with ourself, with our current situation, emotions, ect. Even if I was the person who took the pictures, this works by me exactly in the same way. 
The “Soft frontier of the reality” is using this “trick”, playing with the shade absurdity of the everyday life and also with the unlogical human brain.
Gas station . El Ayoun . Morocco 2010
STADT + LAND . Berlin . Germany 2012
Japon . Palma de Mallorca . Spain 2012 | . Budapest . Hungary 2013
Ferris-wheel . Cologne . Germany 2015
Balcony . Beograd . Serbien 2010
fcku . Cologne . Germany 2015
Sporthall Sülz . Cologne . Germany 2015
Balcony aachen . Aachen . Germany 2013
Fanatasia . Lübeck . Germany 2013
Sequences of a parking . Cologne . Germany 2016
Bamboo . Frechen . Germany 2014
The gardener of the museum . Cologne . Germany 2017
The last bar in Europe . Cabo São Vicente . Portugal 2014
Transformer . Bruxelles Nord . Belgium 2016
La playa . San Andrés, Tenerife . Canary Islands, Spain 2014