T A R G E T 
By this time the humanity has done lots of scary things. And now we are able to imagine any kind of other deed we could do. We are afraid from ourselves, collecting uncounted information about us. The more information we own, the bigger fear we have, therefore we want even more information. We are our own target.
We are living surrounded by cameras everywhere without already even recognizing them. The cameras are like traffic signs or lights melting into the environment. Everybody is watching everybody but in no time she/he is the next subject. Who is standing in the other side of the camcorders?
Cologne, Germany, 2015 
The photo series has been shortlisted to be a part of the exhibition of the International PHODAR Biennial 's 9th edition in Pleven, Bulgaria.
The topic of this year's edition is "No vice is greater than fear" and it relates to a novel "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov.